Regulations - User Agreement


1.1. By visiting each of the chapters of VulkanVegas (the "Website" in the future) or by opening an account, You are automatically agrees with all the terms of the User of the contract (in the future "Agreement"), Privacy Policy, Bonus Terms and Conditions for each game, advertising business terms, special offers that occasionally occur appear on the Site. Before than taking the terms of the Agreement, it is best to read carefully with all its provisions. If you do not want or can not agree to the above-mentioned terms and conditions respect them, I recommend that you do not open an account and do not use the Website. Later use of the Website will mean that You are taking all the provisions of this Agreement.




3.1. The company has the right to amend, update, edit and amend the Agreement for many reasons: legal, commercial and also for service reasons customers. The current elements of the Agreement and their effective date are available at the Site. We're We inform players about all changes, changes and additions by means of accommodation updated Site Agreement. The player is solely responsible for reading the applicable Agreement. The company has the right to change the work of the Website at any time and without informing players in advance.

3.2. In the event that you do not agree with the changes to the Agreement, You are free to terminate the use of the Site and close the account by initially following instructions 12 of the applicable Agreement. Later use of the Site after the entry into force of the updated provisions of the Agreement is treated as its complete making, including some replacements, additions, deletions and other changes in information related to the Company, referred to in section 2.1 of the applicable Agreement, regardless of whether they received appropriate notifications or you read about them in the amended one The agreement.


4.1. People who are under the age of 18 or the age ("Age Limit") necessary for legal participation in gambling games, in accordance with the law of a specific jurisdiction, no can use the services of the Website. Any use of a Third Party is less than the Acceptable age is a breach of the terms of the Agreement. Accordingly, the Company has the right ask for documents confirming the age of the players. There may be a denial of a benefit the services and operation of the Account may be suspended, if at the request of the Company they are not evidence provided of what you have reached the Acceptable Age.

4.2. Online gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. By taking contracts, you are confirms the fact that the Company cannot provide you with a guarantee or a legal one consultations on the relatively legality of your use of the Website in your jurisdiction. The company cannot claim that the Website's services do not violate your legal standards jurisdiction. You use the Site at your own discretion and assume full responsibility, being aware of all the possible risks.

4.3. The Company does not intend to provide Services that violate your regulations jurisdiction. By accepting the Agreements, you confirm and warrant that the use of the Website's services complies with applicable laws and regulations. The company is not responsible for illegal using the services of the Website.

4.4. The company does not allow you to open an account and / or place any money funds to users, who are located or live in Afghanistan, American Samoa, Aruba, Australia, Bonayre, Cyprus, Curacao, Korean People's Democratic Czech Republic (South Carolina), Switzerland, Ethiopia, France, UK, Guyana, Guam, Iraq, Russia, Iran, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Laos, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Saba, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Saint-Martin Sint-Эстатиусе, Syria, Sri Lanka, Uganda, the United States of America, Vanuatu, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Yemen. Changes are possible in the jurisdiction list, and they can be produced By without prior notice to players. You are agreed that you are not going to open up account or exchange funds for it, while on the premises of one of the listed above jurisdiction.

4.5. Players are fully responsible for paying taxes and fees that apply in relation to any money won as a result of using the Website's services. In these cases where under the law of a certain jurisdiction the winning must be tax paid, full responsibility for drawing up documentary reporting of winnings and losers are put on the players.

4.6. Gambling games may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; If it yes, you are not allowed to use the billing map to complete this transaction.

4.7. The payment card holder needs to know his or her online gambling laws country of residence.

4.8. Children are prohibited from participating in the services offered on this website.


5.1. Open an account for full use of all Website services. This is what you have to do enter your email address and choose a password that will be used to enter system, as well as provide personal data, in particular, name and surname, telephone number and date birth.

5.2. If necessary, to verify the accuracy of the information condition, the Company may request documents confirming Your personality. If for some reasons it cannot be delivered documents confirming its personality, the Company has the right to suspend the operation of the Device Hold the bills until you provide them, or eventually close your account in the event of a failure to submit the required documents.

5.3. The User represents and warrants that when registering at the Site, they have indicated complete, accurate and true information about yourself, and in the event of changes to it, notify you immediately Site administration. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the application of restrictions, account suspension or block, as well as payment cancellation.

5.4. If you have questions or problems with registering on the Website, you can contact us at e-mail support department: support@

5.5. Only one account may be opened at the Site. All other accounts open to you will be dealt with as duplicate accounts. The company reserves the right to close such bills and:

5.5.1. accept invalid all operations with main and debited accounts;

5.5.2. not refund all players bets or contributions made using the main and the second accounts;

5.5.3. all deposits, winnings, bonuses and refunds received while using the main i second bills will be lost to players. They may be a requirement for us, and the players' responsibility recover these funds on your first request.


6.1. By taking the right to use the services of the Website, the User undertakes, agrees and guarantees that:

6.1.1. We've already turned 18 or under the appropriate age that permits participate in gambling without violating the applicable laws of your jurisdiction;

6.1.2. You are the full and legal owner of the funds in your account. All given by you the information is truthful, up-to-date, authentic and accurate;

6.1.3. The possible risks of losing cash in the process of use are fully known from the services of the Website, and take full responsibility for such losses. You are you agree to use the Site at your own will, decision and risk. You do not have the right to present the Company with claims related to Your losses and claims;

6.1.4. Has a good understanding of the general methods, procedures and rules for providing the service and games in The Internet. You understand that you are fully responsible for ensuring that your data is correct, betting and gaming. You agree not to perform actions and deeds that will harm you Company reputation.

6.2. By accepting the terms of the Agreement, You give us the right to organize periodic inspections (on at our discretion or the request of third parties, including authorized bodies) for the purpose confirmations To your personality and information provided.

6.3. During the audit period, the possibility of withdrawing funds from Your account.

6.4. If a false information condition is installed during the verification, it means, that the terms of the contract have been breached and we have the right to close the account immediately or refuse to use the services of the Website, in addition to other activities on at your discretion.

6.5. In that case, if we are unable to confirm what you have reached the Acceptable Age, we can the right to suspend the operation of the Account Device. If your age was less Acceptable at the time participate in operations at the Site:

6.5.1. Your account will be closed;

6.5.2. money deposited into your account will be refunded upon reaching majority;

6.5.3. all bets made during this period may be canceled and refunded;

6.5.4. winnings accumulated for a period when your age was less than the Age Limit will be lost to you. You are bound to request to return us all funds you draw from accounts.


7.1. When you open an account on the Website, You are required to keep your password and username secret and under no circumstances disclose this information to third parties. In case of loss of necessary data in order to access your account, you can find out or recover it by clicking on the "Recover password" button, located under the system login window.

7.2. You are responsible for the security of your password as well as for any activity and transaction produced with With your account. Moreover, You can be held liable for all damages, sustained by the user as a result of the action third parties.

7.3. In cases of security disturbance and unauthorized access to the account, the User is obliged notify the Company of them immediately. You are required to introduce the Companies if necessary evidence of the work of unauthorized access. The company is not responsible for any damage caused to players due to improper or careless use of the name user and password by third parties or for unauthorized access to the account.


8.1. In addition, in order to take part in gambling games at the Site, you must put on yours account a specified amount of money funds.

8.2. The maximum transaction amount for making a deposit is $CA 9,000.

8.3. You acknowledge and agree that:

8.3.1. cash funds deposited at your expense, are not punitive, illegal or unlawful origin;

8.3.2. You agree, do not give up on previously carried out transactions, do not deny and do not reverse payments made to you which may give rise to a third party refund care from legal responsibility, and in this you take the terms oферты

8.4. We cannot take cash from third parties: friends, relatives, spouses, partners, etc. You are required to replenish at your own expense only from the account, the calculated card or system, registered in Your name. If during the security check will be installed fact disturbing this condition, all winnings can be confiscated and the account is blocked.

8.5. In the case of a bank translation request for the return of their vehicles' cash, the legal representative of the owner, all costs and commissions are covered by the recipient.

8.6. When topping up your account via SMS, you can use only one telephone room. He must be entered in the player's profile. Users cannot use for account replenishment all forms of credit from mobile network operators, even in the latter cases offer this service. In cases of availability on the negative balance account, it will not be possible to send SMS using such SMS loans. Violation of this rule entails turning on the name blacklist intruder and account blocking.

8.7. We do not under what conditions we do not accept cash payments by cash, sent U.S. We may use for electronic payments, including our payments and withdrawals players, various organizations after processing electronic payments or financial institutions. In addition to those cases where the terms and conditions of similar institutions do not contradict the conditions Agreements, You agree to be bound by such laws.

8.8. The company has the right to block any suspicious or false accounts such invoices, cancel payments and impose winnings. Report your right to us the relevant authorities about interruption of payments and illegal activities. We have the right resort to collection disposal for payment reimbursement agencies. The company is not responsible responsibility for the unauthorized use of credit cards regardless of this, it was found that they were stolen or not.

8.9. We are entitled to use your positive account balance to repay the amount you You need to return the Company, including cases of recurring bets or bets in accordance with section 5.5 point 10 ("Collusion, Conduct, Misleading, Fraud and Criminal activity) or point 16 ("Errors and Defects").

8.10. It fully understands and accepts that your account is not a bank transfer result. Yes way, insurance, guarantee, top-up and other funds do not operate in relation to it ways of protection from the deposit insurance system and any other insurance systems. On cash funds in Your Account may not accrue interest.

8.11. You can submit a withdrawal request from your account at any time, provided that:

8.11.1. all payments, translated to the account, have been reviewed and not one of them has been voided or canceled;

8.11.2. the screening of the activities mentioned in section 6 were performed correctly way.

8.12. When applying for a withdrawal of funds from your account, please consider the following points:

8.12.1. Your profile must be fully completed;

8.12.2. funds should appear with the same method that was used before placing them on account;

8.12.3. there should be the presence of at least one deposit;

8.12.4. in those cases where the amount requested for the application exceeds $ 1000, compulsory a well-conducted verification procedure. It is done by sending copies or a digital photo of a document that proves the player's personality, for example, a passport or ID card. The company also has the right to request other additional documents;

8.12.5. in cases where the translation of cash took place with the help of the operator's telephone, withdrawals are made only for 2 - 3 weeks after the last one was credited to the Account the deposit paid in a certain way. Such deadlines follow from the mandatory test fraud;

8.12.6. if the funds turnover, then the amount of the stakes in the account, less double the size of the deposit, the company has the right to withhold a commission of 20% from the game on the player's account on the desired withdrawal amount (but not less than $ 0.5) as payment processing costs.

Example: The amount of your bets in games less than double the deposit map. If You can roll back 1000 PLN, an additional PLN 200 will be retained from the account, i.e. 20% of the amount desired payouts. So the way to a successful exit of 1000 PLN on your account should be no less than PLN 1200.
In the games of the "Roulette" and "Card games" in circulation, 15% of the bets made are taken into account.

8.13. We have the right to withhold a commission in the amount of our funds application cost, no involved in this game.

8.14. Provided successfully completed verification procedures (KYC), the withdrawal amount up to 500 EUR (or equivalent in your currency) paid to the customer's account within 5 minutes. - 12 hours, but not exceeding 2 days from the time of submitting the application, except for weekend and public holidays. For The non-inverted player exit dates may be increased.

8.15. Provided successfully completed verification procedures (KYC), the withdrawal amount from 500 EUR to 5,000 EUR (or equivalent in your currency) paid to the customer's account within 5 minutes. - 48 hours, but not exceeding 5 days from the date of submission of the application, except weekend and public holidays days. For an unrelated player, exit dates may be increased.

8.16. Provided successfully completed verification procedures (KYC), the withdrawal amount from 5000 EUR to EUR 30,000 (or the equivalent in your currency) paid to the customer's account within 5 min - 96 hours, but not exceeding 14 days from the date of submitting the application, except for the weekend and festive days. For an unrelated player, exit dates may be increased.

8.17. Provided successfully completed verification procedures (KYC), the withdrawal amount over 30,000 EUR (or equivalent in your currency) paid within 5 minutes. - 96 hours, but not exceeding 30 days from the date of application, excluding weekend and public holidays. IN Depending on the player's loyalty level, the maximum withdrawal amount per month can reach 250 000 EUR (or the equivalent in your currency) within one month from the moment of applying for details.

8.18 In cases where the withdrawal request amount exceeds your total deposits 20 times or more, a limit of 5,000 EUR (or the equivalent in yours) will be installed for you currency) for payouts in the month.

8.19. Other conditions for withdrawing funds negotiated separately with the Site Administration.


9.1. You agree to pay for all services and / or goods or any other additional services requested By the user of the site, as well as all more costs (as needed), including (but not) limited to) any kind of tax, duty, etc. You are fully responsible for timely all payment fees. The payment service provider only provides carrying out payments in the amount indicated by the website and is not responsible for the payment by the user of the website above more amounts.

9.2. After clicking the "Payments" button, it is considered that the payment has been made and it is irretrievably made. By pressing the button "Payment", You can agree that you can not withdraw or require payment its cancellation. By placing an order on the website, you acknowledge and indicate what does not infringe the law each country. Additionally, by accepting the provisions of the regulations (and / or the Regulations and conditions), You, as the owner of the payment card, confirm what you are entitled to use the goods and / or services proposed on the website.

9.3. In case you use a service of a website that offers specific services such as gaming service, You can provide legally binding confirmation of what you have achieved or already are over the legal age of majority in yours jurisdiction in order to use the services provided by the parties.

9.4. Since you use the site service, you choose to assume legal responsibility for compliance with the laws of each country where this service is used, and affirmed, that the payment service provider assumes no responsibility for illegal or unauthorized such breach. By agreeing to use the website service, You Understand and accepts, each payment is handled by the payment service provider, and not there is a right to a refund of already purchased services and / or goods or other options canceling the payment. If you want to opt out of using the service for your next purchase of the service and / or goods, You can cancel the service using the private office on site.

9.5. The payment service provider is not responsible for refusal / inability to handle the data, related to your card payment, or for refusal due to inconsistency with the issuing bank entitlement to make payments using Card Payments. Payment provider service is not responsible for the quality, quantity, price of any services and / or goods, entered by the forms / -ego you or purchased on the Site, using the mouse map payment. He pays all services and / or goods of the Website, in the first place, an obligation to comply with the rules of use Website. Please take into account that only you, as the owner of the card payment, are responsible for timely payment of any service and / or goods ordered through the Website and for all associated with paying more fees / commission. The payment service provider is only the payment provider in the amount specified by the Party and is not responsible for any quotation, general prices and / or total amounts.

9.6. In the event of a situation related to your non-compliance with the above conditions and / or other reasons, please cancel the payment in due time and, if need to contact the Site administrator / help directly.


10.1. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information about each Transaction produced by the user, including how confirm your bet in the process of the game itself.

10.2. Complete information about your transactions can be found on the Site by going to the "History" section transaction ".

10.3. We have the right to refuse you in the conduct of any transaction requested by the Party, in this case, if you have breached the terms of the Agreement. No transaction can be considered accepted until you have obtained confirmation from us. In this case, when confirmation has not been received, please contact the appropriate yes at the service technical customer service.

10.4. You can bet only at the expense of the funds in your account.


11.1. The following activities are considered inadmissible and constitute a direct violation of each other terms of the Agreement:

11.1.1. transmission of information to third parties;

11.1.2. use of illegal activities: scams, malware programs, bugs in ours software providing and using bots;

11.1.3. fraudulent activities, including using stolen, cloned or received by others illegally by credit or debit card details for replenishment accounts;

11.1.4. participation in criminal activities, money laundering and other activities, participation in which may lead to criminal and legal consequences;

11.1.5. entering, attempting to collude, or intending to take one degree or another participating in a scheme of collusion with another player during the game at the Place.

11.2. We have the right to suspend, cancel or refuse any payment or winnings related to bonus measures, in the event of occurrence we have a suspicion that abuse with them.

11.3. The company will adopt all acceptable, reasonable and permitted by law measures to exclude and identifying false collusions and their direct participants; towards these people in compulsory order will be taken appropriate measures. The company is not responsible for losses and damages caused to players as a result of collusion and fraudulent actions. Each of ours the action of this reason remains at your discretion.

11.4. Players must notify us as soon as possible if they have any suspicions relatively that a certain person is colluding or engaging in dishonest actions. You can contact us by e - mail.

11.5. We have the right to prohibit players from accessing the Website's disposal without prior notice and block their accounts in the event that they suspect a relationship of activity. In such cases, we shoot with ourselves all liability of return and monetary compensation funds on the account of such player. Besides, moreover, we have the right to notify you of illegal activity the activities of the relevant authorities. Players must fully cooperate with us on investigating such a situation.

11.6. Players are not allowed to use the service and the software for any whatsoever fraudulent or illegal activities and transactions under specific law jurisdiction. The company has the right to suspend or block the player's account and keep the cash tools. In similar cases, players have no right to pursue a claim by the Company.

11.7. If we have reason to believe that you were involved in or related to some form prohibited activities (detected by us or our gaming partners and / or others service providers) that are used in the gambling and gaming industry (including but not limited to limited to, "Wonging", "Perfect Pair" map counting, Dragon Tiger Suit Tie card counting "or other map counting methods), the company reserves the right in relation to your Keep your accounts in full balance or part of it and / or permanently block it.


12.1. Visitors are forbidden to use any aggressive or offensive style of communication on the Site, threats, obscene vocabulary and any brutal actions towards employees i Website players.

12.2. It is forbidden to upload information on the website to the extent that they efficiently wake up in the operation of the Website, and exercise other activities that may affect the running of the resource. IN in this case, I mean viruses, malware, spaming, and spam - they all strictly forbidden. In addition, you may not remove or change the information posted on The place.

12.3. You agree to use the Site for entertainment purposes only. Not allowed copy the Site in its entirety or any additional part of it without prior written notice consent from the Company.

12.4. You agree not to carry out any activity on our hacking system security, downloading illegal access to private data or DoS attacks. Relative to any player who suspects a violation of this rule will be applied appropriate measures: full ban on access to the Website and blocking of the account. Besides, we have the right to inform responsible authorities about illegal activities.

12.5. We are not responsible for any losses or losses that our players or may incur third party, as a result of technical damage caused by viral or other attacks malicious activities targeting the Website.

12.6. You may not transfer, sell your account between players or lose chips for their further use broadcast to another player. Deliberate loss of chips happens at this point when the user you lose the game on purpose to translate money to another player.

12.7. Hiding your IP address or location is not allowed, and the casino leaves the right close any account and cancel all bets bonuses and winnings if the user account was created or used with the help of, but not limited to, stealth technologies IP address or location, including VPN servers and proxies.


13.1. Each player may, if necessary, suspend the action of his account (close games account) by directing the appropriate letter to @

13.2. Until now, until the player receives the confirmation of the account closure, it is full responsibility for all activities with his account from the moment of sending the inquiry to closure and to his performance.

13.3. Before we close an account, we have the right to collect a commission from it for the amount that the player has must company. If the player's account blocked, canceled or deleted, the funds are refunded, which were on it at the time of closure are not produced and no other means can be awarded or realized for it. Further player access to such an account will be is not possible.

13.4. In the event of account cancellation, not a single party has any obligations before different.

13.5. The company has the right to block a player's account without prior notice in such cases:

13.5.1. The company decided to stop renting the services to all users in full or a specific player;

13.5.2. the player's account is somehow tied to a remote previously score;

13.5.3. the player's account is associated with the extension of blocked accounts at the moment, then we have the right lock it regardless of how it was connected with it, and block it fully credentials on these accounts. In addition to the cases referred to in the Agreement, the balance on the player's account will be refunded to him for a certain period of time once after inquiry and retention the amount that the player needs Companies;

13.5.4. the player takes part in a collusion hell or tries to hack the system;

13.5.5. the player intervenes in the operation of the software or tries to manipulate it;

13.5.6. the player uses the account for purposes that may be considered illegal, in in accordance with the applicable law of the jurisdiction in which it is located;

13.5.7. the player publishes offensive or informal information on the Site.

13.6. If a player's account remains inactive for a longer period - 6 or more months, we have the right to close the account or suspend its operation without prior notice notifications.

13.7. The company has the right to close the player's account or revoke the Agreements by sending the player appropriate notification to the address provided in the contact information. In similar cases actions on our part, except as described in clause 11 ("Collusion, actions, Misleading, Fraud and Criminal Activity ") and 18 (" Violation of Terms ") Agreement in force, we undertake to return the player the balance amount on his account. If we fail to contact the player, the money will be temporarily replaced at the Company's expense or supervisory authority.


14.1. We have the right, at our sole discretion, to change or supplement at any time On-Site services for resource support and updates.


15.1. If any freezes in the operation of the Website system occur during the game process, the Company will try to rectify the situation in a short time. We are not responsible for the problems information technology, caused by the work of the devices used for the players access to the Website, as well as for the failure of Internet access of Internet service providers.

15.2. In the event of any disputes, ref. rounds (difficulties with recruiting winning, freezes rounds etc.) the player must contact technical support there later than 10 days after the tragedy of the situation. The player should define the maximum the exact time of what happened (accurate to the minute), otherwise the casino staff they leave the right to refrain from considering the situation for technical reasons. The priority is to convert with technical assistance immediately after the incident.


16.1. In the process of using the Website's services, they may occur in a situation where the acceptance of bets or the payment was made with errors on the part of the Company (errors with incorrect construction of conditions games on our part as a result of negligence or errors in entering data, or computer crashes or errors while counting winnings or refunds owed to the player, including due to improper manual or automatic input data).

16.2. We have the right to limit or cancel any bet.

16.3. If the player has used up the cash funds, received on his account as a result we may void similar bets and any bets winnings received with their help. In cases where a paycheck has been produced at such prices cash these amounts should be considered as transferred to the management trust player, the player is obliged to return them according to our first request.

16.4. The company has the right to cancel any bonuses, winnings or accruals if there are any suspicions, what they come from gotten through.

16.5. The company and service providers are not responsible for damages, including loss winnings caused by errors on the part of the player or on our part.

16.6. The company, its distributors, licensees, branches, subsidiaries of the enterprise, as well as employees and the director is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the acquisition or misuse of information passed through the internet.


17.1. You agree with the fact that you relatively choose to enjoy the services of the Website or it does not lie fully upon you, and any action is Your own choice taken in Your discretion at your own fear and risk.

17.2. The work of the Website is based on this Agreement. We are not giving more guarantees or representations in relation to the Website and the services offered on it, and most of all We exclude our responsibility (to the extent prescribed by law) in relation to everyone implied warranties.

17.3. The company is not responsible for any crime, negligence, damage, loss or loss, which we cannot predict at the moment. The company is not responsible for a table of contents of the resources that can be accessed through the Website.


18.1. Players undertake to reimburse us for all costs, claims and expenses (including shipping costs) that may arise as a result of their breach of the terms of this Agreement.

18.2. Players agree to fully defend the loss recovery and defend the interests of the Company, its partners, employees and directors against all claims, liability, losses, costs and expenses resulting from:

18.2.1. player disturbance of contract terms;

18.2.2. disturbed player of the rights and rights of persons;

18.2.3. access the services of any other person by means of Your login user data with or without your consent, or:

18.2.4. receipt of winnings thus received.

18.3. In cases where players breach the terms of the Agreement, we have the right to:

18.3.1. notify the player that they are breaking the Agreement and require termination similar activities;

18.3.2. suspend the operation of the player's account;

18.3.3. block the player's account without prior notice;

18.3.4. remove from the player's account the sum of deposits, withdrawals, winnings or bonuses, purchased in the result of the violation.

18.4. We leave the right to cancel the player's username and password in case no comply with any provision of the Agreement.


19.1. All content on the Site is subject to copyright and other proprietary rights, belonging to the Company. All printed and downloadable materials available at the Site may be available uploaded to one computer only. You can only print these materials for the purpose personal and non-commercial use.

19.2. Use of the Site does not service players with any proprietary property rights, belongs to the Company or a third party.

19.3. Any use or reproduction of the brand, logos, marks is forbidden trade and other promotional materials presented at the Site.

19.4. Players will be held liable for any damages, costs or expenses incurred in the result of a prohibited activity. Users are required to notify the Companies immediately, if something happens to them they know about committing some forbidden activity by a person, and have it assistance required in any investigations that the Company may conduct with regard to information condition.


20.1. We comply with the requirements for data protection as the Company uses personal data information collected during your visit to the Website. For this reason, all of it We take our responsibilities seriously relative to how we use personal data players. The company processes personal data, giving the players maximum compliance with the privacy policy.

20.2. By providing personal information, players automatically agree with us there is a right to process personal data for the purposes described in the Agreement and the purposes of the Website or for compliance with normative and legal obligation.

20.3. In line with our privacy policy, we undertake not to make personal disclosures Player information to anyone, except for employees who need access to personal player information to provide services.

20.4. We save copies of all correspondence received from players for registration information obtained.


21.1. We use "cookies" to make the software the functionality of the Website. "Cookie" it a small text file that remains on the user's computer while visiting the Website, and allows us to re-learn specific players once again visiting a resource. More information on how to control and delete cookies can be found at: Please note that deleting our cookies may result in blocking access to certain parts and functions of the Website.


22.1. In the event of any complaints or claims related to the work of the Website, the first thing should be file your complaint with the customer service department within the shortest possible time.

22.2. Players agree that in the event of a dispute, recording from the server will be used in as the final testimony in determining the results of a claim.

22.3. Players agree that the results of the games on the Site are determined on the basis of labor random number generator. He randomly generates events. In the event of discrepancies between the game results on the players' device and the results on our server, the results on the server will count as final. In case of inconsistencies in display balance, priority is given to the account balance on the server. The amount of money from the player's account will be lost due to human error or technical problems.


23.1. The original text of the Agreement in English and any interpretation must be based on the original text. The contract may be translated into any other language, however in the English version there will always be an advantage.


24.1. We have the right to transfer, appoint, deposit and sub-license the Agreement wholly or partially to any person, provided what such destiny will be for the same conditions or conditions no less favorable to the players.


25.1. The company is not liable in the event of delay or failure to comply with any of the obligations specified in the Agreement, in this case if they are caused by circumstances higher forces, which should be understood as calamities, catastrophes, civil emotions, wars, disruptions in the area of ​​communal industrial networks, disputes of DoS attacks or the like Internet attack, capable of having a negative impact on the operation of the Website.

25.2. For the duration of the circumstances, the greater force of the Website's activity suspended, and there will be a delay in execution during this period obligations. The company will use all possible resources to search for solutions using who will be able to fully discharge their obligations until the end of the activity circumstances of higher force.


26.1. If we cannot ensure the performance of the player of any obligation, either we are alone they couldn't avail themselves of any legal protection funds that we may be entitled to, then no There will be a waiver of these legal measures of protection, and will not absolve the player from enforcement obligation.

26.2. None of our refusal to perform any of the obligations set out in the Agreement, no has legal force if not officially marked and not communicated in full accordance with defined above.


27.1. If any clause of the Agreement becomes invalid, illegal or lost legal force, this item will be separated from the rest of the Agreement in full maintaining its legal life. In such cases, the part that is considered to be invalid, it will be changed according to current regulations.


28.1. The applicable contract is governed by and subject to treaty pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus. All players are subject to a unique court law jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus after the settlement of any disputes that may arise in relation to conclusion, reality, interpretation, nедействительностью, execution or other legal relationships and consequences arising in connection with this Agreement.


29.1. The website may contain links to other resources that are beyond the Company's control. We're we are not responsible for the content of other websites, actions or inactivity of their owners, i for the content of the third advertisement and advertising. Hyperlinks to other resources are for purpose purposes only. Players can use them solely at your own fear and risk.


30.1. Increased width (bets) only sets the money bonuses and includes only for the bonus amount. If the bonus is a percentage of the deposit then the вейджер applies for the amount of percent The size of the browser depends on the promotional program and is installed the casino.

30.2. The cash bonus can only be withdrawn if the full deposit and accrued bets are made bonus.

30.3. If the player has lost all funds on the game balance, including the bonus amount but not played it - the following deposits are granted with the standard vejr (x2).

30.4. If a player tries to withdraw funds without fulfilling the wagering conditions on the main balance sheet - cash bonus will be withdrawn from balance.

30.5. When calculating cash registration bonuses or in other cases when on delivery no deposit bonus is required from the player balance, the output of the bonus accrual is not possible to the first deposit.

30.6. Bonuses are only available to players who have confirmed their email on the Vulkan website Vegas.

30.7. Each player has two balances - real and bonus. Especially for establishments compared to its true balance. Only when the amount in the player's actual account is zero, will this starts playing for bonus money. All winnings when playing with bonus money, are credited to the player's balance bonus.

30.8. The player can follow the process of wagering funds in his office. Here there is the total amount that needs to be paid to him, the amount already credited and the period of operation share.

30.9. The player can switch the active bonus in the office in the event of his participation in several promotions. After changing the player's account to a free account, the balance of the active bonus appears. Each bonus must be used separately.

30.10. Winning from bets that were made with the help of the bonus and real balances, will be distributed proportionally. The winnings of the stakes, perfect with the bonus balance, will be will be credited to the bonus account and the winnings from the perfect stakes with the actual balance will be credited for real balance.

30.11. The issuance of all prizes is limited to a single player, IP address, computer device, from the same family, home addresses, telephone number, credit or debit card and / or electronic wallet, e-mail and networks where computers are shared (e.g .: university, public library, company network, etc.).


31.1. Gambling games should be viewed as a fun pastime and not as a means for get income. For this while most gambling may relate to both leisure and The only thing at risk is that they can allow some to be more complicated. We recommend that you always follow the amount of time you spend playing casino games, and how much money you can afford to spend playing them. Never play with amounts, you can't afford to fail.

31.2. If you think the game is having a negative impact on your life, or on the life of yours relatives and friends, we highly recommend You must take into account the possibility of taking measures such as installation of personal game limits, self-exclusion from the game, proceedings for help specialists of the organizations mentioned below:

31.2.1. GamCare, a leading unified organization, provides consultation, advice and practical help in dealing with the social consequences of UK gambling, you can visit: Confidential helpline: 0845 6000 133.

31.2.2. Anonymous Players - is a community of men and women who have come together to solve your own gambling problems and help other avid gamers to do same. There are regional offices all over the world. Information about services Anonymous Players is on site:

31.2.3. Gambling Therapy provides support and consultation to those who have suffered from gambling games. Gambling therapy group members operate both in the UK and overseas. FROM information on the website can be found at:


32.1. To help players relate to the game more responsibly, the site allows each of them restrict access to the website by contacting technical support at: @

32.2. If you need a break from gambling, you can rule yourself out by contacting with technical assistance. Self-exclusion means that your entry account will remain closed. You will need to contact the Website technical support to unblock your account.


33.1. The site only accepts players under the age of 18 and also benefits from all possible ways to prevent minors from accessing the website. We have any time The right to claim the evidence of achievement needed for the online casino game age. IN in the event of failure to provide such proof, access to the website will be blocked.

33.2. We strongly recommend parents to cooperate in restricting access to the game sites for minors. There are a number of software to be solved on this software. Please see the following services for more information: CyberPatrol, GamBlock®, Solid Oak Software, Net Nanny.