Game rules games are available both for cash games and in the trial version, free in the demo version. For familiarize yourself with the game and choose the most appropriate - just go to your favorite slot, press on button "Demo" and start playing. In this case, registration is not required. You will get unlimited balance and time.

To play for real money, simply register and fund your account. To start the games, follow the simple steps:

  1. If you do not have a player account, please register quickly by filling in the email field registration pop-up window. After that go to your mailbox and confirm yours account on the link that will be sent. In case you have an account on - log in. To do this, enter the email and password they sent you to e-mail address, or that you specified during registration.
  2. To play for real money after registered, please fund your balance. For click on "Checkout" in the top menu. Next, select your payment method to deposit and follow the instructions.
  3. Bonus offers may be available to you after you deposit.
  4. Now you can start playing. Choose the slot or roulette fan you liked and press "Play". All the necessary information about the rules of the slot game (glasses, bonus symbols Rotary) can be found when the game starts. In each slot, this information will appear after depression "Paytable" or "Withdrawal". Choose the amount of slot lines and the face value of one coin game. Click on "Spin" (or "Start") for one-time initial spin or "Auto" mode reusable swivel socket.
  5. In roulette, instead of drums, the playing field is divided into several sectors. You are can be done bet on a number, color, even-odd, series, dozen, or sector 0. Select a number, start the roulette and see which sector the bead stops on.

In case you have any questions, you can always contact technical support @