Money Laundering Protection at Vulkan Vegas Casino

Taking into account the data, you are guaranteed the right to use the services, acknowledges, agrees and agrees that:

  • Your age is not less than 18 years old or has reached the age of majority is legally allowed to participate in gambling guest games the law of your jurisdiction.
  • You are the rightful owner of the funds in your account. All of them information provided by the Company during registration and / or in later time, including any transaction that requires a deposit cash is correct, up-to-date, accurate and fully unresponsive names (s) on credit / debit calculated map (s) or other combinations accounts that will be used in order to make or obtain funds for yours account / c of Your account.
  • to the fullest when you realize what the risk is of losing cash in the process use of the services on the website and is fully responsible for any loss related to the assistance of the website services. You agree that you use at your own discretion, decision and risk. You are not allowed to make any claim against the Company in relation to yours losses, losses and / or losses.
  • fully understand the general methods, policies and procedures for the provision of services i games on the Internet. You realize it is your responsibility to provide the correctness of the stakes and games data. The user does not perform any action or acts which may harm the Company's reputation.

By agreeing to the Terms, the Lord gives us the right to periodically carry out all inspections (on at our discretion), or which will be required by third parties (incl, regulatory authorities) for confirmation To your personality and contact information ("Test").

while conducting the Control, we may limit the possibility of withdrawing funds from Your account.

If any information you provide is false, inaccurate, or introductory error and / or otherwise incomplete, you are breaking the terms of the contract, and we are entitled close your account immediately and / or refuse you to use the website services, w in addition to other activities at its sole discretion.

If we cannot confirm that you have reached the Acceptable Age, we may have the right to withhold action of your account. If, at the time of your participation in website operations related to gambling games, your age was less Acceptable is:

  • your account will be closed;
  • all transactions, perfect within that time, become void, and the appropriate funds, put into your account, will be refunded;
  • all bets made by you during that time will be void and turned;
  • any amount of winnings you have accumulated during the period when your age was less acceptable, they will be lost to you and must be returned to us upon request all funds that have been withdrawn from your account.