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Christmas has its roots in pagan festivals such as Saturnalia (December 17-December 23), the Kalends (January 1 -5, the precursor to the Twelve Days of Christmas), and Deus Sol Invictus or Birthday of the Unconquerable Sun (December 25). The Christian church heartily disapproved of such celebrations and co-opted the pagans by declaring December 25 as Christ’s day of birth, though there is no evidence. Here are some very interesting Christmas facts that'll shed some light as to the Christmas holiday.

In 1836, Alabama became the first state in the USA to d Dec 22, 2011. The internet age has given rise to a lot of silly, unfounded rumors about. Even Santa has fallen victim to this scam, despite the fact that he's.

I love Christmas and ever since I was a child my family has celebrated it as a religious holiday. Over the years, though, I've learned some odd facts about Christmas that are fun to bring up in. Here are 25 Kickass and Interesting Christmas Facts. 1-5 Interesting Facts About Christmas 1.

Japanese people traditionally eat at KFC for Christmas dinner, thanks to a successful marketing campaign 40 years ago. It’s full of facts, including stuff about the amount of money we spend and food we eat at Christmas. It made me stop and think that for many people, Christmas isn’t great fun at all. It’s actually a bit shit. Dec 9, 2014. Your Christmas card game just got a whole lot stronger. We've compiled a few hilarious card options for every person your list. fact. Source: shopsaplingpress.

For the person who knows how to truly enjoy the holiday. Christmas Trivia and Fun Facts There's no other holiday like Christmas and that’s what makes it so special. Although it’s observed around the world, many of us celebrate without knowing how our traditions got started or what they signify. Funny Christmas trivia and facts. 7 out of 10 British dogs get a Christmas gift. A traditional Christmas dinner in early England was the head of a pig prepared with mustard.

Christmas trivia, information and fun facts about the holiday season. From Christmas day fist fights in Peru to zoos feeding animals Christmas trees these are 25 bizarre and interesting facts about Christmas!. Funny 25 Fun And Clever. Dec 17, 2013. Here are 25 Kickass and Interesting Christmas Facts. 1-5 Interesting Facts About Christmas 1. Japanese people traditionally eat at KFC for.

Funny Holiday CardsFunny Christmas Card SayingsMerry Christmas Quotes Funny CardsFunny Sassy QuotesChristmas. . hilarious tshirt - The Office. 23 Sweary Christmas Cards You Need To Send Right Now Christmas card tradition. During the 1930’s depression, Australian businessman Sidney Myer provided Christmas dinner for 10, 000 unemployed people, including a gift for every child. 54 Festive Facts about Christmas. By. # Amazing# Educational# FactOfTheDay# Fun# Important# Interesting# LittleKnown# MindBlowing# Random.

101 Interesting Facts. 100 fun facts that are funny and will make you smile and think over it. Did you know Bubble wrap was originally intended to be used as wallpaper. Funny! Interesting Christmas Facts: The word Christmas originates from the words Christ's Mass.

In old English (first recorded in 1038) it was referred to as Cristesmæsse, which literally means 'Christian Mass Want to know some fun and interesting things about Christmas?

Check out the facts below! Also Check out Santa Claus Facts, Mrs. Claus Facts, Elf Facts and Reindeer Facts for Kids Christmas is an annual Christian holiday held on December 25th celebrating the birth of Jesus.

32 Things You Didn’t Know About the Holiday Season Lauren Cahn Sep 12 With these fun holiday facts, you’ll be the best conversationalist at all of this year’s holiday parties.

Nov 27, 2017. Wait until you see the rest of the cool Christmas facts found in our list! These are 25. 25 Fun And Clever Riddles For Kids (With Answers).

Description This skill will provide you with some excellent and fun facts about Christmas that you and your friends will (hopefully) find fascinating and be new to you! A Christmas Carol hit the shops on December 17, 1843, and sold out in three days. 3. Dickens was the first famous writer to give public readings of his work—and his first reading was A Christmas.

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