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Our humorous collection of Christmas jokes and riddles. Sure to bring a smile to your day! Brought to you by XmasFun. com. Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho with our collection of funny Christmas jokes. Christmas has inspired lots of funny Christmas jokes.

On this page we’ve brought some of those Christmas jokes for you to enjoy. Father Christmas: What’s your favorite Christmas story? Christmas Humor and funny stories, jokes Back to the Christmas Frontpage Bumper page of very funny Christmas jokes, clean Xmas riddles, one-liners and funny short stories about Christmas. What did the reindeer say before launching into his comedy routine?

This will sleigh you. Christmas Jokes Funny Jokes About Christmas and the Holiday Season. Share Flipboard Email Print Whimsy. Political Humor Jokes Cartoons Memes Quotes Politicians Web Humor. most elaborate prank in the history of the world. It's like we're all in on a huge joke we're playing on kids. And eventually they figure it out and they start lying.

For Christmas I want Santa's list of naughty girls. There is a special place in hell for people that play Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Is anyone else waiting until December 22nd to Christmas shop? Get in the Christmas spirit by reading these Christmas jokes. Check our huge collection of funny Christmas jokes and Christmas jokes for kids on Jokerz. Liked these funny Christmas jokes for adults? Then share them with everyone you know.

They would definitely thank you. Related Christmas Links You May Enjoy: 1. Next story Funny Snowman Jokes Previous story Funny Beatles Quotes and Jokes; Follow Us On Pinterest.

35 Dirty Christmas Jokes That Will Help You Get Through The Holidays is cataloged in 20 Somethings, 30 Somethings, Awkward, Brilliant, Christmas, Comedy, Dirty Jokes, Funny, Hilarious, holiday humor, Holidays, Humor, Humor Catalog, lol 25 Funny Christmas Jokes. Tips& Gifts - 24 Jun 2010 - Tags: Christmas Blog. The story of Online Star Register. Online Star Register (OSR) believes that every person on earth should enjoy their very own star in the night sky. That’s why we make it possible for you to name a star in the Online Star Register!

Happy Holidays! Count down the days until Christmas with a sleigh full of funny Christmas jokes and comics told to us by Boys’ Life readers. The very best Christmas jokes. These free and funny Christmas jokes are for everyone. Absolutely hillarious Christmas one-liners!

The largest collection of Christmas one-line jokes in the world. All sorted from the best by our visitors. Story jokes about christmas TOP 10 Christmas. FUNNY STORIES here! Over 30 Side splitting stories! Get ready to laugh! ! ! ! Will and Guy's short, funny, Christmas stories. Late home after a night out, a youngster attempted to climb into his home down the chimney.

What happened next?. •. Bumper page of very funny Christmas jokes, clean Xmas riddles, one-liners and funny short stories about Christmas. What did the reindeer say before launching. Christmas Funny Stories and Jokes. 'Yes, it is going to be a cold winter, ' the meteorological officer told the chief. Consequently, he went back to his tribe and told. HumorMatterstm xmas. h2. gif (3111 bytes). Christmas Jokes When you stop believing in Santa Claus is when you start getting clothes for Christmas.

Christmas Day Jokes - Find huge collection of Funny Christmas Jokes, Jokes for. Check out the treasure trove of funniest Christmas stories, Story jokes about christmas.

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